Accessories for summer - wishlist

Accessories upgrade any dull and simple outfit, either that is a simple top or a midi dress. I always add an extra piece when wearing a simple outfit, a pair of statement earrings, a long necklace or a lovely summer hat, it's all in the details and Zaful has the prettiest accessories.  I used to make handmade jewellery a few years back and sold them on etsy and believe it or not, every single piece I made, I wanted to have it τοο, so sometimes, I created two pieces and kept the second one for me. 

Since that time, I have a large vanity full of earrings and necklaces but this does not stop me from getting more. The trends change in the years and our style also changes and we need new items in our wardrobe. Also, I use my beautiful and colourful scarves a lot in summer. Around the neck, on my hair and I wear the long scarves to the beach with my bathing suit. I also wrote a post on 5 ways to wear a scarf, you can check it here.

I always find inspiration from magazines (Yes, I am old!) or through my favourite accounts on instagram or fashion blogs.

Cactus Crossbody Bag                               Cat Eye Mirror Sunglasses

Tassel earrings are so on trend right now. I purchased a pair of light blue long tassel earrings to wear with a white dress I own and I also like this pair of green tassel earrings. I own many white dresses so adding a coloured pair of earrings is a perfect way to upgrade it and make it more 'summery'.

I also love straw bags, for the beach and also for every day use and this one is so cute. A week ago when I visited my mum, I found in my old closet an old straw bag I had 10 years ago and I did a quick diy. I added pom poms to change the design completely and hide the dull design that was already in the bag. I will post the tutorial today, so make sure you read it, it was such a fun process and it took me about 30 minutes to make it. 

Hope you enjoyed this post and I will see you soon!

Summer sale

*This post is in collaboration with Zaful.

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